About Black Creek

Our Difference

Since the early 1990s, we have executed more than $19.5 billion1 of real estate transactions through hundreds of separate closings. The reason for this success? Our competitive advantages drive innovative solutions for our investors.



Sponsored 24 investment platforms, including 18 institutional and 6 retail funds



Owned and operated approximately 1,400 office, industrial, retail and multifamily properties across North America



Developed more than $3B of properties across North America  



One of Walmart’s global development partners, having finished 75 projects and created 90 stores



#1 buyer of industrial real estate in 2012 – #3 from 2011-20162    



Developed or acquired more than 120 retail properties totaling approximately 20 million square feet across North America

Unparalleled Experience

During our 25-year history, Black Creek has sponsored 18 full scale investment platforms, including 13 institutional and five retail funds. We have hands-on real estate experience across multiple property types – office, retail, industrial and multi-family – and our senior investment team members have expertise across all facets of the real estate business.

Real Estate Operators with Developers’ Insights

From offices in nine key North American markets, we stay close to our investments and develop strong relationships with local real estate partners. This broad physical presence informs our market intelligence and allows us to recognize opportunity that capital allocators tend to miss.

A Disciplined, Repeatable Process

First and foremost, we are stewards of our investors’ capital. With that great responsibility in mind, we apply a rigorous research and due diligence framework to every investment we consider and execute.

A Nimble Boutique with an Institutional Infrastructure

We believe that empowering our teams to quickly make informed decisions separates Black Creek from the competition. At the same time, our extensive, institutional-caliber underwriting and investment processes work to complement our entrepreneurial culture.

Property Type Expertise

We own properties in dozens of key markets which we access from our nine offices in the U.S. and Mexico. Our strategically located offices put us close to our investments, facilitates developing strong relationships with local real estate partners and informs our market intelligence.

Each property type is run as an autonomous business unit and managed by a real estate industry veteran. By combining acquisition and disposition functions along with asset management, our vertically integrated approach ties underwriting, financing, property management and strategic decisions together, which we believe leads to better results.

Distribution centers in key logistics and high GDP-growth markets, capitalizing on seismic growth in e-commerce
Well-located necessity-based shopping centers with high-quality anchor tenant and appropriate tenant mix for surrounding neighborhood
Boutique office buildings catering to high-value employees in supply constrained central business districts and suburban cores
Well-located core-plus and value-add opportunities in key growth markets

Our Story

More than 25 years ago, three real estate professionals joined forces to create a different type of real estate investment firm – one that would leverage their passion for developing and investing in real estate with the rigorous due diligence found at Wall Street firms.

They began building a firm that combined the benefits of an institutional infrastructure typical of a larger firm with a unique spirit of entrepreneurship and creativity that put them in the center of every aspect of each real estate transaction.

During the last three decades, hundreds of extraordinarily talented professionals have joined the firm, each of whom share a common belief that being close to real estate transactions is the best way to deliver strong returns to investors.

Today, Black Creek’s success is evident in the portfolio of impressive properties we’ve built from the ground up, the strong relationships we’ve forged with real estate professionals and investors around the world, and the returns we’ve delivered to our investors.

There are firms that invest billions in real estate portfolios whose executives may never see a single building in which they invest. That’s not who we are.

Our investment professionals are on the ground in the key markets in which we invest. We’re examining buildings we own and working every aspect of every real estate transaction in order to maximize every dollar that we invest.  We believe it’s the right way to invest in real estate.

At Black Creek, we’re deeply invested in real estate.

1 As of June 30, 2019. $19.5B in historic development and acquisition volume represents the total cost of real estate projects and loans secured by real estate acquired and / or developed by Black Creek Group, it’s affiliates and its direct and indirect owners, including James Mulvihill and Evan Zucker, from inception through June 30, 2019.
2 Source: Real Capital Analytics. Industrial real estate acquisition volume based on dollars.