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Corporate Social Responsibility

Since Black Creek Group’s founding in 1993, we have always aimed to do the right thing, and we remain dedicated to doing so today.

We have grown from three visionary founders to a staff of approximately 300 and out of our success has emerged a collective commitment to minimizing our environmental footprint, creating a positive impact on our communities, and encouraging a culture of entrepreneurship and creativity.

This approach is informed by our investment management philosophy and supported by a history of sustainability, which includes ongoing evaluation of our environmental impact as well as the creation of social benefits we can continuously foster. Currently, we track the impact of three of our industrial platforms through Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB). This enables us to consistently report the effects of our actions, and we plan to explore the potential tracking of our other platforms.

Read our 2020 Report

Through our CSR initiatives we aim to:

  • Transparently manage our business to provide timely and accurate information to our investors
  • Abide by strong corporate governance practices that comply with all laws and regulations
  • Operate in a culture that promotes collaboration among all employees and the communities we serve
  • Lessen our environmental impact through the support of initiatives that reduce energy, prevent waste and lower water consumption across all business aspects

We are committed to sustainable as well as conscientious business operations and our environmental priorities include:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Water conservation
  • Local habitat protection
  • Waste prevention and reduction

The success of our business depends on fostering mutually beneficial relationships within the communities where we live and work. Our market-driven approach helps to create jobs in not only the seven markets where we have offices, but in the more than 30 U.S. markets where we own and operate properties. Our social responsibilities include:

  • Employee health & well-being
  • Paid time off for community engagement and volunteering

Overall, we emphasize the importance of professional business conduct and ethics through our corporate governance initiatives. Black Creek Group has a code of business conduct and ethics as well as a global anti-corruption policy.

We are proud of what we have accomplished and the path forward that we have enabled through our ongoing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

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