Jackie Hawkey

Managing Director, Exchange Services

Ms. Hawkey is a Managing Director, Exchange Services in the Ares Wealth Management Solutions Group, which oversees Ares’ client management activities in the global wealth channel. Prior to joining Ares in 2021, she was a Managing Director, Black Creek Exchange at Black Creek Capital Markets, where she oversaw the firm’s real estate exchange program, Black Creek Exchange, a solution for investors owning highly appreciated real estate. She was responsible for managing Black Creek Exchange product, which includes structuring and distributing private placement offerings to accredited investors. Previously, she was a Principal at CapEx, LP, a private investment company that invests debt and equity in small to mid-sized public and private companies. In addition, Ms. Hawkey was a Principal at Corporate Properties of the Americas (CPA), an industrial real estate developer and owner operating throughout Mexico. Ms. Hawkey began her career as an investment banker with William Blair & Company in Chicago and several years in commercial banking. She is also a member of the KIPP Colorado Board, a public charter school network. Ms. Hawkey holds a B.S. from Dartmouth College in Earth Sciences and an M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin in Finance and Accounting.

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