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This website is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy the securities described in the Black Creek Industrial REIT IV (BCI IV) prospectus. Offerings are made only by means of a prospectus, which should be read in order to fully understand all of the implications and risks associated with an offering.

Please acknowledge that you have received a copy of the BCI IV prospectus prior to entering our website. If you have not yet received a copy, please use the following link to access a copy of the BCI IV prospectus:

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Each person investing through an employee pension benefit plan subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, such as a profit sharing, section 401(k) or pension plan, or any other retirement plan or account subject to Section 4975 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, such as an IRA, or any entity that includes such assets, which we refer to collectively as the “Benefit Plans,” should only view these materials in consultation with a qualified independent fiduciary, such as an independent financial advisor. Black Creek Industrial REIT IV Inc., its advisor, its dealer manager and their affiliates have financial interests associated with an investment as outlined in the prospectus. These materials do not constitute a recommendation to invest, and should not be construed as investment advice. If you are a person investing through a Benefit Plan, you must agree that you will only view these materials in consultation with your independent financial advisor or other qualified independent fiduciary.

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Form 1099-DIV

Distributions taxable for the 2020 tax-year are reported to you on the 2020 Form 1099-DIV. This includes distributions payable on the dates listed in the table below. The tax character of these distributions as a percent of each total distribution is:

1099-DIV Box 1a Box 3 Box 5 Distributions
Year Ordinary Dividend Nondividend Distributions Section 199A Dividends Date Paid
20207.06% 92.94% 7.06% 01/02/20 – 12/02/20

To obtain a copy of your 1099 or transaction history please click here: “Financial Advisors” » “Investors.” If you are unable to access these documents, please reach out to our Shareholder Operations Team by phone 888-310-9352 or email Please allow 24 hours for a response via email.

Form 1099-B

If you sold shares in a taxable account during 2020 in a transaction directly with the Company, such transaction will be reported on Form 1099-B. If your shares are “covered securities” as defined in Internal Revenue Code Section 6045, the cost basis and corresponding gain or loss is reported. If all or any of your shares are “uncovered securities”, which are generally shares purchased prior to January 2011, you are responsible for calculating your own specific taxable gain or loss resulting from the total proceeds reported on Form 1099-B. Investors in taxable accounts must determine their cost basis by subtracting all nondividend distributions historically reported to them on their Form 1099-DIV from the total gross purchase amount on their Form 1099-B, including any shares made pursuant to the Company’s Distribution Reinvestment Plan.

1099-DIVBox 1aBox 2a*Box 2b*Box 3Box 5Distributions
YearOrdinary DividendCapital Gain DistributionsUnrecaptured Sec 1250 GainNondividend DistributionsSection 199A DividendsDate Paid
20207.06%0.00%0.00%92.94%7.06%01/02/20 – 12/02/20
20190.00%0.00%0.00%100.00% 0.00%01/02/19 – 12/02/19
20180.00%0.00%0.00%100.00% 0.00%01/02/18 – 12/03/18
20170.00%0.00%0.00%100.00% 0.00%01/05/17 – 12/01/17

*Unrecaptured Section 1250 Gain (Box 2b) is a subset of, and is include in, the Total Capital Gain Distributions reported in Box 2a.
Each percentage in the schedule, including Box 2b, should be applied to the total distributions for the respective tax year.

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